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Bird Sound leader in the digital reproduction of bird songs

Bird Sound is the leading company in the reproduction of sounds and songs for birds. We produce the best electronic bird calls in the world. Our decades of experience in the field of bird singing reproducers, has allowed us to become a reference point in the sale of bird calls and acoustic bollards.

Our digital reproducers are high quality electronic devices built with the best components and artfully programmed to work best in a simple and intuitive way.

To date we boast a fair range of digital bird calls suitable for migratory, aquatic, nocturnal birds, birds of prey, quails and thrushes. Browse the Digital Reproducers and Speakers categories, products are available for all budgets and situations.


Digital Shop Songs Birds in Mp3

We were the first to make available bird songs in mp3 format on our online shop In fact you can download the songs of thrushes, larks, blackbirds, blackbirds, geese, ducks, birds of prey, quails and many others all of excellent quality.

With our new European online shop Bird Sound EU we decided to further expand the range of our mp3 bird songs by adding new and higher quality songs.

Sono adesso disponibili sul nostro store più di 2500 canti a solo 1.10 €!

The birdsongs are filmed directly live with professional instrumentation and recorded on a digital support which allows us to process the sounds with special software and thus obtain a clear and clean sound.

News from today on Bird Sound find Dogtrace Collars

Novità assoluta da oggi sono disponibili su questo negozio europeo i collari per cani Dogtrace. I collari Dogtrace sono collari per cani di altissima qualità ottimi per l’addestramento del cane o per soluzioni di addomesticazione del cane.


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